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Spring Classes 

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Classs

At MindBodyArt School of Dance,

we believe that students of ALL ages and experience levels deserve the VERY BEST in instruction and support in a FUN and ENGAGING environment!   


Our promise to you:​

  • Experienced & Supportive Adult Instructors

    • Senior Instructors-in-Training are in a strong mentor program, receiving ongoing support, training and development

  • Recreational, Fitness, and Competitive Classes are of equal importance to our organization

  • FUN Dance Classes for all ages

  • Engaging Children's Dance Program

  • Ongoing Feedback to ensure that each student is walking away feeling supported and challenged in a healthy way

  • Balanced Competitive Dance Program

  • Everybody and Every Body is WELCOME

  • The Safety, Health and Wellbeing of our students and our faculty is a priority!


to our 

MindBodyArt School of Dance Family!

Select Links below to review our class offerings!


Simplified Monthly Tuition for Classes:

  • 30 minute class = $56/month*

  • 45 minute class = $66/month*

  • 75 minute class = $96/month*

    • * 5% sibling discount applies to all siblings

Class Pass:

  • 3-classes per week = $189/month**

  • 4-classes per week = $229/month**

  • 5-classes per week = $249/month**

  • 6-classes per week = $269/month**

  • 7-classes per week = $289/month**

  • 8-classes per week = $309/month**

  • UNLIMITED classes per week = $319/month**

    • **Class Pass = no additional discounts will apply.  Class pass is assigned to one individual.

Create YOUR OWN Class:  

  • Pick Your Style

  • Pick Your Day and Time: (based on studio availability)

  • Minimum 5 friends to create a class

    • Maximum Total Friends in a Class​

      • ages 2.5 - 3:  8 friends​

      • ages 4-5:  10 friends

      • ages 6 and up:  12 friends

Registration Fee:

  • $35 registration fee per season, per student

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Season: 

  • The new season begins on Monday, September 11, 2023 and ends on June 2, 2024.  

    • Our season is 9 months long.

    • Full Tuition Months: Sept. - May

  • "Mini" Recital Shows: June 1 - 2, 2024

    • ​estimated 1.5 hour  -  2 hour"outdoor amphitheater style" events​

      • ticket prices:  TBD

  • Costume Fee = $95 (includes tights and all accessories for recreational level classes)

    • $47.50 billed on January 15, 2023

    • $47.50 billed on February 15, 2023

      • Costume fees are non-refundable

  • 30-day written notice required to drop a class, a prorated tuition will continue to be billed during this time.

  • Built into the calculation of annual/9  months tuition are "3" closed/cancelled class days per season to cover any unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to weather cancellations, states of emergency, etc.).  

    • Once those 3  "closed/cancelled" class days are reached for your child's class, we will work to make up the class time, for example:  extended class hours and/or creating a makeup time/day.   Tuition will not be adjusted due to cancelled classes.   

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