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Dance Dad's - Let's Get it Started.....

For years, I have been saying that my daughter gets her moves from me, followed by a silly move like the shopping cart or the cabbage patch. Of course, that is followed by my daughter or group of little kids rolling their eyes or giggling at me. Well, as I searched the web for the research on genetics (of course finding one the supports my claims!) I found the following:

SO…GUYS – IT APPEARS THAT I AM CORRECT! I’M RIGHT! I’M RIGHT! Our genes are more dominate and influential! DAD’S RULE!!!! (Make sure to look over both shoulders as you celebrate….lol!)

Well, Let’s continue on the narrative that we are the reason that our kids can get in 1st position perfectly! I am a true proponent of not just nature, but more importantly NURTURE! Bottom line – it isn’t so much the genetics from Mom or Dad as it is the support we provide as parents and how we can encourage our kids to be their best. To be positive role models for our kids and establish a great environment to thrive is in my opinion the difference to happy, healthy, and vibrant kids!

In the past decade, I have been heavily involved in youth sports, as a coach and a volunteer. The youth sports environment has become a very interesting world to say the least, with a focus either on mainly winning, or only having fun – not much in between. Parental politics, unqualified volunteers/ leadership, selfish adult motivations, etc., can all play a role in the downfall of youth organizations. Parents either think their kid is going to play Division 1, or on the flip side don't emphasize the hard work because their kid will never be that good anyway – “so why waste their time.”

Don’t get me wrong – I truly believe that there are more good people helping and coaching out there – but you can see a rise in the negative as well. I can see many of the same things in the dance world! Either this group practices too much or too little, this team is too competitive or they don’t take it serious enough, “ABC” studio isn’t meeting our family’s needs, I don't like how they group the dancers, the costumes or music isn’t appropriate, etc., etc. Hopefully a solid and consistent environment can help, plus a little organization and communication with Parents will ease some of the pain of these different mindsets. But a major influence on any child’s motivations and enjoyment in their activities, is the support network that they have - Coaches, Teachers, Instructors, Teammates, and Parents! NURTURE!

With the understanding that every child is unique and every family is unique, it is important that we develop a strong support network for our kids. Dance Dad’s and this blog, will hopefully be a start of something that creates a culture of support and dedication to all of our kids! There is something for everyone – just look for the positive and you will find it! It is my intent to make sure that we continue to strive to make our Studio more than just a place where kids dance or get in an activity. We would like the MindBodyArt brand to represent the best in youth development! We want to help build not only amazing artists and athletes, but solid citizens and future leaders! We want to make sure that this is a positive environment that all kids can succeed and achieve what they want – not just now, but in the future! Let’s face it, MBA is a family!

ASH in Arlington was a great experience. Walking around seeing the pockets of the MBA “colors” was so much fun to see. I know I had a great time! It was a great catalyst to moving MBA to become that family! “Yeah?” (some people will get that reference – lol). Let’s partner to make this happen!


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