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COVID-19 Procedures...



Covid-19 Guidelines

(updated: 8/24/20)


Hi MindBodyArt Families...


After testing out our safety protocol over the summer, we are happy to say things have been going smoothly! We are excited to welcome our Season 4 students into the studios with a few "new norms" to keep everyone safe and healthy and to get us moving again.


Below are the guidelines we will follow:   

Note: Any updates to these guidelines will be updated on website, camp/intensive BAND pages, and emailed to parents.


Our Facilities...

  • Our 4 industrial grade HVAC systems have been:

    • Cleaned 

    • New filters added

    • Always set to have the fans running to continuously pump in fresh air and keep the rooms well-ventilated

  • We have installed:

    • 9 hand sanitizing stations that are in every hallway and room

    • 6 air purification systems with medical grade filters

  • Rooms will be cleaned and sanitized between each class with the use of a non-toxic disinfectant fogger.

  • Lobby areas & restrooms are closed to the public, including parents & siblings.

    • We will post videos, photos, and updates on your child's classroom BAND page to keep you all involved!​

  • Visitors must call ahead and schedule an appointment.

  • The water fountains are not currently operational.




  • Class start and end times will be staggered  to prevent multiple class crossover in hallways and at check-in/check-out.

  • Check-in/check-out times are the exact start and end times of your class.  

    • Drop off and pick up locations will be publish in your child's Classroom BAND App page.  

      • A BAND App link will be sent to you prior to the first day of your child's class.

  • For the safety of our students and faculty members, we commit to small "in person" class sizes!

    • ages 2.5 - 3:  maximum 6 students to a class

    • ages 4-5:  maximum 8 students to a class 

    • ages 6 and above:  maximum 10 students to a class

  • NOTE:  (we will need a minimum of 5 students per class to run a class for the fall 2020/spring 2021 season)

  • There will be Virtual/ZOOM option available for every in-person dance class.  

    • Our families can make smart decisions as to when it is safe and appropriate for your child to join the in-person classroom!​


Class Check-in & Screening...

  • An adult must escort the student to check-in/screening area at the assigned time.

  • Both the adult and the student must wear a face mask during check-in/screening.

  • Students must also wear their mask when they are walking in public/common area hallways, on breaks, when they are not able to social distance, and when not engaged in physical activity for longer than 5 minutes.

    • IF cases increase in our community, face masks will be required in the classroom at all times.

    • NOTE:  Our instructors wear their masks at all times.

  • At check-in, we will take the temperature of the adult and the student before the student will be permitted to enter the building.

    • If either temperature is 100.4 or higher, the child will not be permitted to join the in-person class that day.  The student will be permitted to join the class through the live ZOOM link from home.

  • If there are any signs of illness with the drop-off adult or student, the student will not be permitted to join the class that day.

    • ​The student will be permitted to join the class through the live ZOOM link from home.

  • At check-in, the adult will be asked several questions related to COVID-19.

    • Please alert us and stay home if you, someone you live with, or someone you have been in close contact with has an active COVID-19 diagnosis, a fever, or any symptoms of COVID-19. Email or call (814) 571-3309.  

  • Effective July 2nd, if you are returning from any of the states listed below, your child will not be permitted into camp unless it has been 14 days since return with no COVID-19 symptoms (unless the immediate family is tested, and results are negative for every member of the immediate family):

    • Alabama

    • Arkansas

    • California

    • Florida

    • Georgia

    • Idaho

    • Kansas

    • Louisiana

    • Mississippi

    • Missouri

    • Nevada

    • North Dakota

    • Oklahoma

    • South Carolina

    • Tennessee

    • Texas

  • Upon entering the building, each student will sanitize their hands.

  • Upon entering the classroom, each student will sanitize their hands.


Class Check-out...

  • The end of class time is your assigned pick-up time.  Please do not be late.

  • An instructor will escort the students to the outside/front entrance of the building at their assigned check-out/pick-up time.

  • Please be in the parking lot and ready to pick-up your child at the assigned time.

  • Assigned pick-up times will be emailed to parents and posted in the camp BAND classroom page.


Meals, Snacks & Water...

  • Each day pack a large, full bottle of water for your child.   

  • Make sure the water bottle has your child's name on it.

  • Reminder: Water fountains are currently not in use.


  • Prior to the start of the season, an email will be sent with the following information:

  • What your child will need for class: clothing, shoes, etc.

  • A link to your child's BAND Classroom Page. We will use BAND for:

    • Reminders 

    • Class  updates

    • Photos

    • Posting performance videos

  • A copy of the MindBodyArt COVID-19 Guidelines


Families will be asked to email, use the BAND Classroom Page, or call our office if you have any questions regarding your child. 


Phone: 814-571-3309

To download the BAND App:


We know that COVID-19 has created a "new normal" for us all, however we are committed to creating a safe, fun, and memorable season for your child!


Our Team at MindBodyArt School looks forward to creating an amazing experience for you and your child!



As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or send an email.




MindBodyArt School of Dance

(814) 571-3309