Health & Safety


COVID-19 Procedures...


Hi MindBodyArt Families...

We are excited to welcome our Season 5 students into the studios with a few "new norms" to keep everyone safe and healthy...

Below are the guidelines we will follow:

Note: Any updates to these guidelines will be updated on website and the classroom BAND app pages.


Our Facilities...

  • 4 industrial grade HVAC systems:

    • fans set to high to keep new air circulating into the building at all times

Focus on the Heath and Safety...

  • 9 hand sanitizing stations that are located in every hallway and room

  • upgraded to 12 air purification systems with medical grade air filters

  • water fountains are off

  • lobby areas & restrooms are closed to the public, including parents & siblings

  • visitors must call ahead and schedule an appointment.

  • adding SPOT TV, to give parents visibility into the classrooms (coming soon)

  • COVID-19/Illness policy sign-off for all families 


  • check-in/check-out times are the exact start and end times of your class

  • drop off and pick up locations will be scheduled to prevent crowding at entrances/exits

  • small classroom sizes:

  • ages 2 - 3: maximum 8 students to a class

  • ages 4-5: maximum 10 students to a class

  • ages 6 and up: maximum 13 students to a class

  • stage room use for ages 8 and up: maximum 15 students

COVID/Illness/Use of Caution ZOOM Option:

  • ZOOM may be approved for a student under the following situations:

    • a student who is ill and/or may have been exposed to an illness

    • if someone in the household is ill and/or may have been exposed to an illness

    • when a parent wants to play it safe for a week or two...

    • Note: at this time, there are no zoom options at this time for ninja and tumbling classes

Class Check-in & Screening...

  • An adult must escort the student to check-in at the assigned time

  • Students must wear their face mask during check-in and and at all times when in the building

  • If a student has ANY signs of illness, entry into the building will be denied

  • Upon entering the building, each student will sanitize their hands.

COVID-19/Illness policy sign-off/agreement:

At MindBodyArt, our goal is to provide a safe and fun experience for all of our students and faculty.  
As COVID-19 continues to be present in our community we want to make sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to mitigating COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Please select each statement as a confirmation of understanding of our policies:

  1. I agree to not bring my child to class if they start to experience (or have experienced in the last 48 hours) any of the following symptoms: Fever or Chills, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Difficulty Breathing, Fatigue (not the stayed up too late, Muscle or Body Aches, Headache, New Loss of Taste or Smell, Sore Throat, Congestion or Runny Nose (we cannot assume allergies),Nausea or Vomiting

  2. I agree to not bring my child to class if you have any knowledge that they have been exposed to someone with a suspected and/or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

  3. I agree not to send my child to class if the child or someone in the immediate household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and has not yet been cleared as non contagious by state or local public heath authorities.

  4. I agree to have my child wear a mask over their nose and mouth while they are participating in our indoor activities. Masks are optional for our outdoor activities. A mask cannot be see through or a shield. Please note that MindBodyArt will follow the guidance of OCDEL (Office of Child Development and Early Learning) in regards to masking along with the PA Department of Health. As their guidance changes we will send out a memo on your child's classroom band page for acknowledgment.

  5. You understand that if your child becomes ill during class, we will call you at the number provided and the child will need to be immediately picked up from class.

Class Check-out...

  • The end of class time is your assigned pick-up time

  • An instructor will escort the students to their assigned check-out area

  • Please be in the parking lot and ready to pick-up your child at the pickup time

  • Assigned times will be posted on the BAND classroom page.

Snacks & Water...

  • Each day pack a large, full bottle of water for your child

  • Make sure the water bottle has your child's name on it

  • Reminder: Water fountains are currently not in use

  • pack a non-messy snack if your child has two or more classes to quickly eat

  • Please do not pack any nut product of any kind...NO NUTS, THANKS!


  • Please utilize the classroom BAND page to communicate with the instructor or email the studio if you have a more global question.

We know that COVID-19 has created a "new Normal" for all of us, however we are committed to creating a safe, fun and memorable season for your family!

Big Hugs!!!
Your MindBodyArt Family



MindBodyArt School of Dance

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